Channeling: Spirituality

Channeling or Higher Communication is a totally natural form of communication with everything that is not perceived in our physical world, such as angels,
heavenly beings or even animals. It is about the conscious shifting of the mind and the spiritual space within us, aiming to accomplish an extended state of

Through Channeling answers to problems can be found, guidance or help from a Higher Source can be given, or the observance of a situation from a
different point of view, in order to be understood with the participation of the Universe.

During the session a channel of communication between the person seeking therapy and the Higher Source is created and a connection with heavenly
entities, governed by love, light and purity. In essence, a bridge of communication with the higher spheres is built in order to create a collective higher

The celestial entities with which we connect come from the light, follow the light and walk exclusively through the light (white energy).

Channeling cannot replace any medical diagnosis or medication in any way.