Schüessler Salts:

The Body’s “Workers”

Schüessler Salts: The Body’s “Workers”

Beginning in the 19th century, Schüessler Salts belong to the group of biochemical salts that help the body replenish precious minerals – trace elements
that are missing. The 12 Schüessler Salts work either individually or supplementarily to a medication, boosting the immune system. Basically, with their
administration, balance is restored, since they fill the gaps of the organism, with the necessary minerals (tissue salts), which are valuable for the
preservation of its health. The presence of the necessary quantity of minerals, such as Sodium, Calcium and Magnesium etc. is vital for the body. Mineral
deficiency, however low, could cause some kind of disorder.

This treatment can be helpful in simple disorders such as cold or eczema, as well as in chronic conditions. In the second case, it will take more time and
patience, because even though the symptoms may subside soon, they can be easily resumed if the treatment is discontinued.

Schüessler Salts are absolutely safe for the organism, as they are natural and they are structural elements of the human body.

Schüessler Salts cannot replace any medical diagnosis or medication in any way.