Therapeutic Dowsing:

Cleansing of the Energy Field
for Harmony in our Lives

Therapeutic Dowsing: Cleansing of the Energy Field for Harmony in our Lives

The sacred philosophy of Therapeutic Dowsing is based on detection and measuring energies, therefore vibrations, which can be perceivable beyond our
five senses.  It comes from Ancient Hellas and the Hellenistic period in Egypt and it is related to great men like Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, and it carries
the deep knowledge and wisdom of Hermes the Trismegistus (also known as Thoth).

Everything in the universe is energy. In order to detect these energies in a human body -not only the physical one- we use as basic tool the aurameter of
Horus, a highly sensitive organ, and we ‘‘translate’’ them on specially made diagrams – holograms. Additionally, we can find energy blockages, which might
cause all kinds of imbalance to the physical, energy, emotional or other body. By using the pendulums of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, thus their
vibrations, we can bring the balance to all bodies.

The pendulums we use to practice Therapeutic Dowsing are designed and programmed to serve only with kindness and love. After the healing, changes in
our behavior, our interpersonal relations or even in our body are immediately apparent, since our vibration increases and the functionality of our energy
centers (chakras) and the energy flow of our whole existence improves.

What we can dowse:

  • all our chakras (polarity and functionality)
  • our vital energy and vibration
  • subconscious beliefs that often block goals in our life
  • energy contamination of our whole existence
  • the energy of our personal habitat, like home or work
  • our nutritional diet or food intolerance
Therapeutic Dowsing cannot replace any medical diagnosis or medication in any way.