Regeneration at the Cellular Level

Gemmotherapy: Regeneration at the Cellular Level

Gemmotherapy is a contemporary method of detoxification, especially in France and in England, which helps the body to eliminate all toxins at the cellular
lever. This kind of toxins are accumulating cumulatively over time and they are causing aches or illnesses.

In Gemmotherapy, only herbal embryonic tissues are used, such as flowering peaks, buds, young shoots, young roots, etc. These parts contain natural
hormones, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, nucleic acids (DNAs, RNAs), amino acids, enzymes, growth promoters, etc., substances that cannot be
found in older plants. These unique ingredients stimulate the body’s natural defenses against external contaminants and pathogens, while at the same time
they are awakening and restoring the natural mechanisms of detoxification of the body. Gemmotherapy remedies are made by using a mixture of alcohol,
purified water and plant glycerin, in which the plant embryonic tissues are allowed to macerate and potentized.

That means that Gemmotherapy creates the proper “clean” environment for implementing any other treatment or for a substantial, in-depth, detoxification
that induces wellness, renewal and recovery of body toning. The Gemmotherapy effect is holistic as it influences the entire body and prevents aging at the
cellular level while preventing gene destruction. It is completely safe, since it is causing no side effects and can work supplementarily with any other herbal
or chemical treatment.

Gemmotherapy cannot replace any medical diagnosis or medication in any way.